Trust and Safety

Delvoo is a globally known and trusted community that ensures that every traveller and shopper in any part of the world is able to connect with each other. 
Our priority is the provision of a service that is trusted by our customers and where transactions are made securely and safely. The following are the standards that we have set for our team to provide a safe and secure mode of transactions at

ID Verification:

To create an account and register on Delvoo every member has to verify his/her profile through email confirmation and SMS. We have implemented a fool-proof and comprehensive method to protect users from spam campaigns and fake accounts. 
Additionally, we need a proof of the authenticity of the information you have provided us with the guarantee of keeping all your private details secure. Feel free to provide all the necessary details about yourself as none of the info will appear on your public profile or shared with a third party.

Fast Ship, Delivery and Payment:

At Delvoo, travellers are required to pay for the shopper’s item and the product is ship by traveller. After the delivery is confirmed by the shopper, the money will be transferred to the traveller while Delvoo will deduct some amount of commission per delivery. To make sure that both traveller and shopper enjoy safe transaction we use Escrow service. 

Excellent Customer Service:

If any of our customers have a complaint, it is suggested that the issue is reported directly to either the traveller or shopper. We would also be available to offer help in case further assistance is required. Our service is available from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. We respond to a query within 24 business hours. Send us an email for more information.


Pickup and Delivery:

  • It is advised that both shopper and traveller that are linked via Delvoo meet at a public place to ensure optimal convenience and safety. 
  • Carefully decide about the meeting place; choose a location that is easily accessible by both parties.
  • Our messenger will help in coordinating a convenient place and time to meet.


Shopper And Traveller Rating:

We have introduced a unique two-way shopper and traveller rating system. This system is developed to ensure the positive experience of both shoppers and travellers at Delvoo. 
When your desired product is delivered you must confirm it to us and also rate your traveller.
Similarly, Travellers can rate shoppers so that new users could benefit with these ratings before bidding or accepting offered deals.