Terms of Use

Delvoo.com is a website that facilitates peer-to-peer delivery services through travellers and shoppers across the globe. We neither buy nor ship goods, we only connect the traveller with interested shoppers. To become a member of Delvoo whether as a traveller or shopper, you need to register at the website and create an account at Delvoo. Only members can post offers on Delvoo to buy or ship items as a traveller. You can also post offers to shop goods as a shopper.

Who can Become a member?

  1. You must be 18 years old to become a member
  2. You need to provide accurate information about yourself and authenticate the information with a valid document like driver’s license
  3. By registering at Delvoo you will be agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of using this website and our Privacy Policy. 
  4. Transactions between Shopper and Traveller:
  5. To initiate the process of buying and selling, it is important that both traveller and shopper come to an agreement on a transaction.

Delivery Fees:

Delvoo does not demand a fee for delivery; fees are negotiated by the associated parties before making the transaction.

Shopper’s Payment Terms:

When a shopper has fulfilled the order and entered credit/debit card number or other required information and clicked on Pay button, the order summary will appear on the screen. Delvoo will store the information at our payment processor software Stripe and then charge the amount to the shopper’s card to complete the transaction. 

Traveller’s Reimbursement Terms:

The amount will be reimbursed to the traveller by direct deposit using PayPal or Stripe after Delvoo receives shopper’s confirmation that the desired item has been received in perfect condition.
Delivery of a Product:
Delvoo recommends that the in-person meetings between traveller and shopper take place at a public place such as a park. 

Insurance in case of loss of a product:

We urge that travellers carrying the items for shoppers in a transaction arranged via Delvoo observe full care to safeguard the item. However, if despite all the efforts the item gets damaged or lost then the traveller will not be held responsible. Delvoo offers the facility to ensure a high value item and both shoppers and travellers can access it on reasonable terms. Contact us for more information regarding ensuring your product.

Safety Breaches: 

If you are a shopper or traveller and you have experienced a safety concern that you assume is caused by the other party please immediately notify Delvoo. We will investigate the matter and terminate the membership of the individual.

Transportation by Air:

Whether the item is carried onboard by the traveller or in checked baggage, every item that is transported by Air must comply with the TSA rules. 
The purchased item will remain the property of the traveller until the time it reaches the buyer/shopper. Therefore, the traveller will be responsible for it at the Customs.

Prohibited Items:

The traveller is required to inspect the item before it is transported so as to confirm if it is prohibited item or not. To do this, traveller can unwrap the item if it cannot be identified otherwise.
The items prohibited from transportation at Delvoo.com are in complete accordance with the rules and definition of hazardous items described by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). 

The following items cannot be transported through Delvoo.com:

  1. Stolen items
  2. Counterfeited currency
  3. Counterfeited goods
  4. Alcohol
  5. Live Animals
  6. Explosives
  7. Firearms
  8. Ammunition
  9. Pornographic content/products
  10. Human Remains
  11. Illegal Medications/drugs and items related to production of illegal drugs and other illegal activities
  12. Flammable liquids
  13. Aerosols
  14. Batteries
  15. Weapons or police batons
  16. Knives
  17. Items imported into the United States without Customs declaration (if it was required)

It is worth noting that Delvoo.com prohibits the transportation of an item that is not allowed by the law of the place or origin and destination as well as any jurisdiction through which the product is transported.